The Game of Go

goThe game of Go has its origin in ancient China, approximately 2,500 years ago, and is one of the most ancient board games still being played today. In its early period Go was viewed as one of the four indispensable arts of a learned Chinese scholar.

Game with Many Names

Having its roots in Asia, the game of Go has consequently mostly been played in the Asian countries. The Go game, as it is most commonly known, has several other names. Wei Qi, as it is recognized in China, Paduk, as it’s called in Korea, or Go, as it is known in Japan, is viewed by those who love to play it as the world’s ultimate tactical game, far exceeding chess in its intricacy. Go is understood as a “surrounding game” or “surrounding chess”, and the purpose is basically to seize territory by placing counters on the board.

Simple and Complicated

Its ordinary rules and profound tactics have fascinated everyone from monarchs to crofters for hundreds of years, and continue to do so today.

The mathematical sophistication of Go rules is supplemented by the pronounced exquisiteness of the boards and stones compared to other board games. Go has been elevated by the Japanese to a zenith of artistic beauty and participation.

Something that is super simple and could be consider the opposite to Go is slot machines. If a player register for free spins at and then just click the button and spins. That would not be demanding at all for the brain compared to playing Go.

Go Requirements

go2The game is played by two people who take turns placing pieces (stones) on the board, making one move per turn. Players use black and white stones on a square board with the size of 19×19, 13×13 or 9×9 blocks. Regardless of its somewhat simple rules, it is a very complex game, having both a bigger board with more space for play, and lengthier games with more options to contemplate per move.

Go is an entertaining and stimulating game for individuals of any age. Playing Go helps to increase and preserve memory, attentiveness, and willpower. It is also a great way to meet new and remarkable people. Additionally Go is a flexible game, and can be played virtually everywhere. In fact, even astronauts in space have played it!